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Basic Embroidery

3 Day Class - $320
4 Day Class - $440
All Materials Included

Basic Embroidery

A Three- Four  Day  Class exploring the Basics for fine hand embroidery  The class will focus upon foundational stitches necessary for development into more intermediate and advanced stitching.   The class will focus upon particular stitches used in fine hand embroidered motifs found in home decor linens & embellishment for clothing. 

Day I -II:  You will be furnished with a beginner's sampler - this sampler will enable you to practice, perfect the foundation stitches used in traditional hand embroidery.

Day III-IV:  A second sampler will be introduced with authentic motifs from the Art Nouveau period.   These beautiful and flowing motifs will be used to continue exploring the stitch techniques from Day I-II and to perfect your foundational stitching while creating a beautiful sampler.     Adding Day IV is recommended to do the second sampler.

Basic Embroidery I-III will prepare you for more intermediate skills moving on into Whitework. Basic Embroidery and Whitework can be taken together - each class builds upon one another.

Excellent Class for Beginners - Intermediate

Classes can be tailored for day or evening sessions.

Resort Accommodations Available

Private Loft Studio Apartment now available

(Covid Safe Environment)

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