Private/Resort Condo Available

Special Accommodations that are Covid Safe

We have created two safe alternatives for our students while visiting Williamsburg.   We have created a private Studio Loft Apartment exclusively for one student.   Apartment is fully furnished with linens - towels - full kitchen set up - stacking washer & dryer in studio.   Wifi/DVD player.  Private parking, we require that the student attending our courses will use their own personal vehicle for travel.  We will not accept students traveling by airlines, trains, buses, or any form of public transportation.   We do not want anyone to be exposed to the public unnecessarily.   We require the student to obtain groceries and prepare their meals in the Covid safe kitchen.  We require that all students during the stay with us, do not use public restaurants to obtain meals, but instead observe the safety of meals in the apartment or condo.  Masks and social distancing, covic hygiene will be observed during class time. 


Resort Condos Available














The Historic Powhattan Resort

Special Pricing for our Students  During Covid 



Mr Hafiz Rouse 757-757-377-4849  







During Covid, we require each student have and use their own personal transportation.   We will not receive any student taking airlines, trains, buses, or taxis.    To insure the safety of ourselves and others this is a requirement we must request of our students.   We also request that you would not be using public restaurants or engaging in activities where the public congregates during this time. We require that you will obtain your food from the grocers and prepare them in your Covid safe kitchen.


PARKING   Plenty of Free Parking at our School location.  












Historic Powhatan - 1 Bedroom Villas/Condos special pricing for our students
As a 2nd Student registering for one of our upcoming courses, we have made arrangements with the Historic Powhatan Resort (3 minutes from our new training studio location) to offer a Covid Safe 1 bedroom condo that is compliant with policies and safety regulations for the State of Virginia.  Condo is fully furnished - linens - towels - furnished kitchen - stacking washer/dryer in the Condo.   Housekeeping supplies and equipment for self cleaning - cleaning staff will not enter your space during your stay.   Condos are thoroughly cleaned in accordance with  Covid safety requirements 48 hours between each new guest.    Please call us and we will assist you in obtaining your long term stay with the resort.
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