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A 23 Day Certificate Apprentice Program  


Master Linen Making

Church Needlework Course

Exclusive One on One Private  Mentoring

Includes Private Studio Apartment Accommodations for 25 days.

       Registration is Available  Call to Register or to discuss this program.uuc       

Tuition + Includes Accommodations $3,800

If you are interested in this training, please contact us by email.  ( We answer emails through emails - we do not text. )We







Certificate Apprentice Program

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23 Day Apprentice Program Includes

11 Days of Master Linen Making

2 Days of the Basics in Linen Preparation

9 Days Making Your Own Communion Set

12 Days of Mastering Church Needlework


6 Days of the Basics of Hand Embroidery

6 Days of Sacred Embroidery for Altar Linens

3 Evening Sessions - How to Set Up A Home Studio Business

25 Day Stay - Private Fully Furnished Loft Studio

Kitchen/Laundry/Wifi/Covid Safe/Free Parking

You Can Create a New Lifestyle

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In this course you will receive knowledge and skills training to become a Professional Linen Maker and Hand Embroiderer for Church Linens.   You will be given step by step processes to follow that will guarantee your success. 

You will learn techniques and professional level secrets for making beautiful hand made linens.  You will be taught what is considered in the industry to be a "High End" product.    This means they will be flawless - perfectly square - perfect corners - with beautiful lasting results.   You can become a valuable artisan in the Ecclesiastical market of fine linens for the altar.

As a bonus you will automatically receive training on How to Set Up A Home Studio Business.   This valuable training provides you with a step by step process and check list to help you set up a studio space that will get you started as a new business.    You can start with what you already have in your home without spending extra money.

As an additional bonus, you will become eligible to receive commissioned work from our church linen company, Details In Design.  Once you receive your Certificate of Completion, and your work has been assessed, you will be welcomed into our team of linen makers working from their own home studios..

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Williamsburg  Needlework Training Studio

Our Studio is located in a park like setting that creates a stress free focused environment. 

Our mail studio has lots of light and

room to work comfortably.

We have two studio spaces the mail room and a smaller workroom is set up.  Both spaces have plenty of natural light.

You will be mentored and coached throughout your course work.

23 Day Master Certificate Course  

One Person Per Coursep

Tuition: $3800

Includes 25 Day Stay in Our Exclusive Studio Loft Apartment




To Register Contact Us by Phone 757.259.9400


or Email:

Please note that our phone is a landline - we do not text.   We answer all email inquiries by email - we do not text.

23 Day Apprentice Program

Includes:  Mastering Church Linens

Mastering Church Linen Needlework

Bonus Workshop:  How to Set up Your Own Work from Home Business

Bonus Opportunity:  If Qualified,  Receive Commissioned Work from Our Linen Company

25 Day Stay in Private Loft Studio Apartment - Covid Safe - Minutes from the School.

Click Here for Photos of Accommodation

Costanza - October, 2020 - Mastering Lin
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