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French Hand Monograms Classes

Beginners Monograms_edited.jpg

Beginner's Monograms

Tuition: $250

2 Day Class 


Day or Evening Classes Available

A Two Day introduction class to fine hand monogramming techniques.

This class is a perfect opportunity to take your new basics skills to the next level.   Our introduction class will teach you the foundations for creating a beautiful hand monogrammed initial. 

A beginner's class in learning the art of fine trousseau hand monogramming.  This ribbon monogram is from a Parisian embroidery house - this traditional motif dates back to early - mid 20th century.

Your own personalized hand towel will be provided.  You will learn the basic and simplified stitching that will enable you to create your own personalized linens and other items.   Please indicate your initial preference.  Additional towels can be purchased for you to monogram.

Pre-requisite:  Basic Embroidery



French Monograms Short and Long Class_edited.jpg
French Monograms
Painting With a Needle
Tuition: $340
3 Day Class

Painting with a Needle.  In this class you will learn how to use your short and long stitching to a high level.   Here we will take this French Forget Me Not initial, using short and long stitches in 3 shades - dark, medium, and light to create a shaded effect to the monogram.


A personalized initial will be created and placed on a linen sampler.  You can also purchase Linen Towels or Pillow Cases.  By request, you can  receive your  own page of personalized initials in various sizes.  These make it easy for you to transfer your initials onto towels, pillow cases and other linens. Transfer techniques will be covered in  the course.


This class is excellent for those who have taken Basic embroidery, or have good knowledge of the short and long stitch. . This class will enhance your short and long skills to a new level.

NOTE:  You can add an additional day (Day 4) if you'd like to stay and lay out your linen towels or linen pillow cases.  Cost for the additional day is $100.

Prerequisite:  Basic Embroidery

Intermediate - Advanced skills required.

Traditional French Monograms

Tuition: $440 

4 Day Class 


Day or Evening Classes Available

This class will focus upon padded satin stitches.  Many decorative Initials

are embellished floral or organic vines.....   Many of the embellished initials became  popular in the 18th century, and still carry on today. 

In this class you will be provided with a beautiful sampler of many styles of decorative initials . You will learn traditional techniques will practice these during each session.   Homework will be recommended to continue to familiarize yourself with the typical styles found in French Monograms.


​Day I:   An introduction to 3 styles of traditional monograms will be provided on a linen sampler.  You will learn the basic techniques that we will be covering throughout the 4 day course.

Day II-III  A beautiful trousseau sampler is provided with more complex initials with their styles, techniques, and language.  All these fascinating levels will be explored.  Transfer techniques will be discussed and applied during the 3 days.

All Materials Are Included

Day IV:    Many students need the extra day to work on all the techniques they have acquired.   You will also have the opportunity to purchase beautiful linen towels,  pillow cases, or shams and other linens.    We could take that 4th day to assist you in laying out and transferring a personalized initial onto your purchases.

Intermediate - Advanced Level


Hand Hemstitching I-II 

Tuition: $220 includes all materials

2 Day Class

This introduction class in hand hemstitching, will help you learn how to make and finish your own linen creations.


A Two Day Class - Learn to pull threads, develop basic hemstitching techniques, and mitering perfect corners.   In this class you will create a small fine linen handkerchief.   By the end of the class, you will have accomplished beautiful classic techniques in fine linen making.


Excellent introduction for Beginners

French Grey Linen Hand Towels.jpg

Creating Hand Hemstitched Guest Towels  For Hand Monogramming 

Tuition: $120  includes all materials

1 Day Class

A One Day Class in the art of linen making.   Learn how to create your own hand hemstitched linen towels.

Learn to pull threads, basic hemstitching techniques, and sew a fine turned hem.   By the end of the class, you will have accomplished beautiful classic techniques in making a fine linen guest towel.

This is a perfect compliment to Beginner's Monogramming Class .   

​Excellent introduction for Beginners - Some sewing skills helpful.

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