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Whitework Embroidery

3 Day Class - $340

4 Day Class - $440
All Materials Included
Whitework Embroidery Class_edited_edited

Whitework Embroidery

A four day class in whitework embroidery.   This is key to beautiful embroidered  linens .   The class will focus upon particular stitches and perfecting techniques used to embellish fine linen.   We will also explore the transferring of motifs onto fine fabric for perfect results

Day I-III:   A beginner's sampler will be furnished to learn and perfect your basic whitework embroidery stitches.   The class will focus upon learning the stitches and practicing them during the class session. 

Day II-III:   A Beautiful sampler will be furnished for perfecting and performing what you have learned on Day I.   There are many motifs included on the sampler - all from authentic 19th century sources.   These traditional motifs will provide an excellent learning experience enabling you to accomplish beautiful authentic looking work.  

Prerequisite: Basic Embroidery

Resort Accommodations Available

Private Loft Studio Apartment now available

(Covid Safe Environment)

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