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Whitework Embroidery

Whitework Embroidery


Whitework Embroidery 4 Day Class

10 am to 4 pm

October 17-20, 2023


In this class you will learn the French hand embroidery techniques using a hand held hoop especially for creating white on white linen embroidery work.   This style of embroidery is a classical technique used in fine linens - baby clothes - linen accessories such as fine lace handkerchiefs for the bride, bed linens, fine linen clothing.


There will be two linen samplers to work from.  The first to practice padded satin stitching, fine linen cording and seeding stitches.


The second sampler is a period sampler of 19th century embroidery motifs found on the very finest of linens.  They motifs are challenging for both the novice to advanced.  These motifs are authentic and therefore you will learn the style of hand embroidery found on such beautiful linens from that time.

By working with classic traditional motifs, your skills will improve quickly and you will enjoy the effect that these stitches will create in your own designs and work.


Prerequisite:  Basic Embroidery Class

We recommend taking both courses together - by combining these two classes you will fine a continuity in learning the foundations  of this style of traditional hand embroidery.


All tools and materials will be provided in this class.



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