October, 2019
Vocational Training Classes

Job Skills Training as Master Linen Makers.


Learn traditional techniques in practical hand finishing and high end linen making - become a master linen maker.

This master course will equip you with the ability to work from your own home studio, network with other linen makers, start your own maker's business, provide high end skills for fashion/design companies here in the USA. 

Classes are formed by individual scheduling.  We can help you book your class or classes, offer private accommodations, and open the class for others to join.  Up to 6 people per class. 

Click Here for our Special Accommodations at Historic Powhattan Resort - 5 minutes by car to our classroom/studio.  1-4 bdrm Condos available - perfect for a small group to share at affordable rates. Our special code: GNDLWORKS   Click Here

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Basic Embroidery I-II

Church Needlework Series

April 15-16, 2019

Tuition: $250

4:30 pm - 9 pm


​Two evening classes exploring the Basics for fine hand embroidery on altar linens. The class will focus upon particular stitches used in fine hand embroidered motifs found on Altar Linens and Altar Cloths. 

The class will provide a sampler with motifs focusing upon foundation stitches used in fine linen embroidery.  Although basic and simple, we assist the embroiderer to focus upon perfecting their stitches to an excellent standard.

Perfect for Beginners to experienced embroiderers.

Neutral Hemstitched Pocket Squares_edite
Hand Hemstitched & Hand Rolled Linen Accessories
Hand Hemstitched & Hand Rolled Linen Accessories
Hand Hemstitched & Hand Rolled Linen Accessories
Art of Pocket Square folded.jpg
Hand Rolled Pocket Square

These are examples of what this 5 day intensive will provide for master linen skills.

One of our companies,  Zelda & Fitz,  is actively seeking a team of linen makers for these  high end products.  Work from home opportunities and workroom production are currently available.  

Fine Small Monogramming is also required to become a Master Linen Maker for men's accessories.

Hand Hemstitched Pocket Square
ETSY Blues Pocket Square LDT Monogram.jp
Men's Monograms #6.jpg

October 12-16, 2019

2 pm - 7 pm

Mastering Hand Monograms

 Men's Accessories

 A 4 Day Training Intensive

 Tuition: $400


As part of the Master Linen Makers certification,  this is a required class.

This four day class will focus upon  high end small monograms.  These traditional skills are required   in the most prestigious of ateliers.  Shirts - handkerchiefs- pocket squares are popular services required in this market.


Techniques in transferring initials - proper placement of monograms on shirts - handkerchiefs - pocket squares will be addressed.   Needle sizes - traditional fine stitches in cording - nuances used to perfect the skill and obtain right results every time.  


Prerequiste:  Prior Hand Embroidery Skills in Basic - Whitework Embroidery

Oct 12-16, 2019
Master Hand Monograms Course