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Needlework Teachers-Authors-Designers-Educators-Maker Professionals

Guest Teachers:   If you are interested in becoming a teacher or presenter at WSN, we would like to explore your curriculum and ready- to- present programs.  Affordable housing may be available, fees are negotiable on a percentage basis.

We welcome experienced credentialed American/European teachers in all forms of needlework professionals- designers - authors - educators - business & personal development coaches - in all aspects of textiles - needle arts.

We can host your online classes for our unique student population..






We are currently seeking those interested in an apprenticeship that have completed or in process of completing WSN - RSN embroidery programs. 

We will also consider local residents that have skills in hand sewing, machine sewing, quilting, some embroidery.   Samples of work and a resume describing sewing background and experience is requested.




This position is open for a focused apprenticeship in layout, preparation of linens for our linen makers and embroiderers. 

Requirements include: Workroom/school related projects.  Linen Making and Preparation of work for production.  Must be a resident of Williamsburg or be willing to reside here during the apprenticeship period.  


As part of the Master Linen Maker apprenticeship, opportunities to become a Professional Embroiderer in hand monogramming is available.

This Apprenticeship is open to those training in Master Linen Making.   This is a 3 to 6 month training to obtain monogramming skills,  unlimited income possibilities, work with high end, high profile projects and clientele through Details In Design.

As a professional linen maker you will be expertly capable of  linen making for churches, other linen companies, and able to obtain work from those in related fields of hand embroidery and linen finishing.

As a certified linen maker, you will be resourced by WSN









Professional Hand EmbroiderersEmbroidery opportunities include working from your own home studio.  We offer contracted embroidery work for qualified hand embroiderers in church embellishment of linen albs, altar cloths, small church linen sets, bespoke opportunities with individual clients requiring fine hand embroidery on fine linens.


Professional Hand Monogramming -  Monogramming opportunities include working in the design studio/workroom embroidering men's monograms for upscale bespoke shirt makers, monogramming wedding linens/handkerchiefs, church linens, bespoke interior design projects.


Linen Makers -   We are currently focused upon creating a workforce of master linen makers.  This would include hand finishing fine linens for Details In Design, and other companies that we contract with.

Requirements include: Hand Hemstitching, Hand Rolled Hems, Hand Hemming.  

We are currently interested in training our linen makers to open satellite workrooms throughout the USA