December, 2019

Winter Embroidery

Linen Making


December 2-3, 2019

Hand Hemstitching I-II 

Tuition: $220

9 am - 3 pm

​Introduction to hand hemstitching and creating mitered corners.  


A Two Day Class - Learn to pull threads, develop basic hemstitching techniques, and mitering perfect corners.   In this class you will create a small fine linen handkerchief.   By the end of the class, you will have accomplished beautiful classic techniques in fine linen making.  You can make fine hemstitched handkerchiefs, cocktail & tea napkins.   All Materials are included.

Suitable for Beginner's


December 4 -7, 2019

Mastering Hand Monograms

 Men's Accessories

 A 4 Day Training Intensive

 Tuition: $400



As part of the Master Linen Makers certification,  this is a required class.


This four day class will focus upon  high end small monograms.  These traditional skills are required   in the most prestigious of ateliers.  Shirts - handkerchiefs- pocket squares are popular services required in this market.


Techniques in transferring initials - proper placement of monograms on shirts - handkerchiefs - pocket squares will be addressed.   Needle sizes - traditional fine stitches in cording - nuances used to perfect the skill and obtain right results every time.  


Prerequiste:  Prior Hand Embroidery Skills in Basic  or Whitework Embroidery




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Dec 9-13, 2019

9 am - 3 pm

Linen Makers Series - Men's Accessories

Certificate Course

Mastering Hand Hemstitching - Hand Rolling

 5 Day Intensive 

Tuition: $550







A focused 5 day training class to master hand hemstitching - mitering perfect and exact corners - pulling threads - precision cutting - preparing perfect fine hems for high end pocket squares and handkerchiefs. 


Hand Rolling - Professional hand rolled hems for handkerchiefs and pocket squares are considered a high end skill in fine linen accessories.   Pulling threads - precision cutting - mastering fine hand rolling skills and stitching - rolled hems with consistently perfect corners.   

Professional Preparation and Finishing

Learn perfect ironing skills, blocking & shaping, and professional finishing for linens. 




December 16-20, 2019


Wheat & Cross Embroidery

Pall & Corporal Communion Set Workshop

Tuition:  $550

5 Day Workshop

9 am - 3 pm


A 5 Day workshop embroidering  a beautiful communion set featuring an Irish linen pall and corporal, ready to be hand embroidered.  The Wheat and Cross motif is a traditional liturgical design from the late 1880s.   During the workshop we will teach you the stitches to create this beautiful set.  Embroidery Kit  with  All Materials Are Included.


Embroidery techniques typically used in church linens will be used. Techniques in cording and satin stitches, with foundation work in short & long, split stitching.   During the workshop, you will complete both the pall, and the corporal.  

 Basic Embroidery Skills are required - Whitework would be helpful  


We will also be offering for purchase additional communion linen sets ready for embroidery.   Kits will include a pall, plexi board, corporal, purificator, and lavabo towel.