August 2017


Vocational Needlework 11 Day Course


This vocational course is recommended for those interested in developing professional techniques and skills specifically used in linen manufacture. The course requires focused ability and stamina. You can expect new skills to immerge by daily practice. This is an accelerated learning approach to hand embroidery. Therefore, practicing what you have learned in class will be vital to your success. We have designed classes that enables the hand embroiderer to understand the business of embroidery and acquire professional skills that can result in gainful employment.

Special All Inclusive Price


As an inclusive package, we are offering housing and 2 meals daily for our full immersion training. Limited accommodation availability of 8 students per course.


11 Day Training - 1 Evening Workshop includes accommodations and 2 light meals per day. Register through PayPal - payment plans available.


Aug 13-25  $1600.00

Inclusive 11 Days of Training 13 Days Accommodations

With option to stay 15 Days for Hemstitching

11 Day Course

Shorter Class Options


For those who prefer not to attend the full course, we offer you an incremental plan of three levels of instruction of your choice.

Level I - The Basics


Aug 14-19  Basic Embroidery I & II

Whitework Embroidery I-III

 6 Days      $625              

Basic Embroidery I-II

Aug 14-16

10 am-4 pm

This class will cover basic foundational stitches used in linen production work specific to traditional embroidery & basics in Arts & Crafts linens style. This will offer the student working knowledge utilizing basic stitches in the most effective way. Prerequisite: Must have some embroidery experience.


 Whitework Embroidery I-III

Aug 17-19

10 am-4 pm


This class will train you in the basics of white embroidery. All embroidery is taught in the classical style as used in trousseau linens. Whitework will bring into focus the motifs used in traditional fine linen production.


Aug 17 Whitework II 9am-3pm

Aug 17 Workshop 6 pm - 9pm


How to Become a Professional - Working From Home


This workshop will focus on the business of embroidery covering the basics of working from home - how to obtain commercial work - how to work for our companies as a contractor. Strategies for obtaining income and setting financial goals.

Level I - The Basics

The Basics

6 Day Course


Working  From Home

August 20 - Day Off

Level II - Professional Needlework


Aug 21-25  French Classic Monograms I-III

Men's Monograms I-II

5 Day Course  $550


French Classic Monograms I-III

Aug 21-23

Commercial basics for classical hand monogramming used in fine linen manufacture, interior design, & high end linen companies. This class will teach you proper monogram techniques in the European tradition. You will learn how to properly read a monogram drawing and know precisely how to accomplish the style & technique that is required. You must acquire good whitework skills that will then enable you to accomplish excellence in this skill set


Men's Monograms I-II

Aug 24-25

This unique two day class will provide training in the tradition & technique necessary for hand embroidering elegant small initials in the menswear industry. Opportunities to work with high end ateliers.


Other Requirements

Each class will include working samplers. You will be required to turn in your working samplers within a given time frame before you can be considered for employment opportunities.

Optional Training - Classes


Aug 26-27  Hemstitching I & II

10am - 4pm $220


Another unique training opportunity is the fine art of hemstitching handkerchiefs and small linens. You will learn how to hemstitch exquisitely hand drawn fine linen handkerchiefs and other small linens. Prerequisite: Some hand sewing/sewing skills






Other Information


This vocational course is recommended for those with experience in hand embroidery. Test Samplers must be submitted within a specific given time. Once graded and assessed, you may qualify for contracted work opportunities.


Housing Included with 11 Day Course Stay as our guest at Director's townhouse. . For our 9-14 day courses, we can provide a twin bedroom with private bath ensuite.


We can accomodate up to 8 students (women only) Continental Breakfast, Lunch at school provided


.We recommend the following moderately priced hotels which are 5-7 minutes from the school. Taxi service is always available.


Springhill Suites

Hampton Inn 

Hilton Garden Inn

Holiday Inn Express

Level II
5 Days
2 Days

 Register Online or Call to Register by phone 757.259.9400

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