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This one day workshop is focused upon altar guild/sacristan members involved with the care and maintenance of church linens.  This workshop is appropriate for pastors, altar guild members, sacristans, priests and seminarians.

Session I  The Significance of Altar Linens

Linen in History - The Biblical & Ancient Use   

Session II  How to Care and Maintain the Linens
Proper care using age old techniques for cleaning & maintaining pristine altar linens, ironing, and storage principles are covered.   Q&A Session    
Refreshments Served.


 3 Hours


Church Needlework Classes

These are accelerated teaching sessions and must be continually practiced both in the classroom and at home to achieve church quality results.

All three classes can be taken consecutively.  Results have been remarkable for those who have taken all three courses together. 

BASIC EMBROIDERY -  Two 3 Hour Sessions

Morning:  An introduction class to the traditional techniques of hand embroidery.  This class will be foundational to achieving successful results in the whitework courses that follow.   Basic embroidery stitches will be taught.  A sampler of stitches will be provided which includes all materials necessary to accomplish the work.  Stitches and techniques are given during class time and will be practiced in the session.  

Afternoon:  A sampling of basic stitches will be continued with practiced techniques reviewed and refined during this session.  This will be a full session focusing on the learned techniques and reviewing the progress that was made during the morning session.   It will be important that you practice your stitches after class time at home or hotel.  Techniques will be monitored during the session.  A real linen project will be included during this course.  It will be up to you to complete this project on your own.

Total Class Hours:  6 hours with all class materials provided.   Prerequisite:  Beginners Welcome. 


Morning:  This class will cover basic whitework stitches and techniques used in creating beautiful church linens.  The sessions will include preparation and layout of patterns used in professional whitework embroidery.  These preparation techniques will help you obtain very fine results in your needlework efforts.  A sample of stitches will be taught and practiced during the session.  The stitches must be practiced both in class, hotel, and home to be effective.

Afternoon:  This session will review what was taught in the first session and will continue with monitoring the student's progress. A linen project will be provided as an actual worked piece.  Skill techniques will be reviewed and monitored for correctness and accuracy.    

Total Class Hours:  6 hours with all class materials provided.  Prerequisite:  Basic Embroidery

SACRED CROSSES - Two 3 Hour Sessions

Morning:  This class offers the time honored art of hand monogramming for sacred crosses and the techniques necessary to accomplish the desired results.  Be prepared to learn small nuances in effective whitework/monogram stitching  during this session.  Practice is fundamental to achieving good results.

Afternoon:  This will be a full session focusing upon techniques taught. Monitoring and reviewing stitches will be part of the process in this class.  After achieving your new skills, a linen with a  sacred motif will be provided for you to work.  It will be up to you to complete this project after you return home.

Total Class Hours:  6 hours with all class materials provided.  Prerequisite:  Whitework Embroidery. 


This two day class teaches you elegant finish work for Liturgical Linens.  Basic stitch work, hemstitching, mitered corners, and linen layout work are taught.  A linen project will be provided with all necessary materials.

Total Class Hours: 12 hours   Prerequisite:  Basic Sewing Skills   


Mastering Altar Linen Making by Hand

A 9 day masters class in the art of Linen Making. A set of altar linens will be created during this intensive.  Set will include a handmade linen pall, a corporal, lavabo towel, and purificator


This is a full immersion course to obtain professional level results in making handmade linens.  Included in the course will be cutting techniques, pulling threads, basting, hemstitching, mitering accurate corners.  Small hand embroidery.  All Materials Included.

This course is suitable for those interested in a career in linen making, for altar guild members interested in learning professional level skills.

All inclusive Master Linen Retreat Available.





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