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April, 2022
Needlework Classes


Mar 31-Apr 2, 2022   Basic Embroidery  

Apr 7-9, 2022   Basic Embroidery

$320 includes all materials    

A Three Day Class exploring the Basics for fine hand embroidery. The class will focus upon particular foundation stitches used in fine hand embroidered motifs found in home decor & embellishment for clothing.  You will receive two  samplers to work from + a bonus motif to practice your new skills.  All Materials are included.

Beginners - Intermediate

Edited Image 2016-03-21 12-46-20
Edited Image 2016-03-21 12-46-20

Mar 31-Apr 2, 2022
Basic Embroidery

April 7-9, 2022
Basic Embroidery

April 7-9, 2022
Basic Embroidery

Apr 4-5, 2022

Hand Hemstitching  

$220 includes all materials

Introduction to hand hemstitching and creating mitered corners.  

A Two Day Class - Learn to pull threads, develop basic hemstitching techniques, and mitering perfect corners.   In this class you will create a small fine linen handkerchief.   By the end of the class, you will have accomplished beautiful classic techniques in fine linen making.

Excellent introduction for Beginners

Apr 22-23, 2022   
Hemstitching I-II

Apr 11-14, 2022

Whitework Embroidery

$440 includes all materials

A Four day course in whitework embroidery.   This is key to beautiful embroidered trousseau heirloom linens for the home.   The class will focus upon particular stitches and perfecting techniques used to embellish fine linens and clothing.   We will also explore the transferring of motifs onto fine fabric for perfect results.  This class requires a pre-requisite in Basic Embroidery.   Intermediate - Advanced

Apr 11-14, 2022
Whitework Embroidery

Apr 21-22, 2022

Introduction to Monograms

Beginners Hand Monogramming

9am - 3pm

Tuition:  $250

A two Day introduction class to fine hand monogramming techniques.

This class is a perfect opportunity to take your new basics skills to the next level.   Our introduction class will teach you the foundations for creating a beautiful hand monogrammed initial. 

A beginner's class in learning the art of fine trousseau hand monogramming.  This ribbon monogram is from a Parisian embroidery house - this traditional motif dates back to early - mid 20th century.

Your own personalized hand towel will be provided.  You will learn the basic and simplified stitching that will enable you to create your own personalized linens and other items.   Please indicate your initial preference.  Additional towels can be purchased for you to monogram.

Pre-requisite:  Basic Embroidery

Embroidery Kit -  Handkerchief - Lavende
Apr 21-22, 2022
Intro to Monograms

Apr 23, 2022

Creating Hand Hemstitched Guest Towels   

$150  includes all materials

A One Day Class in the art of linen making.   Learn how to create your own hand hemstitched linen towels.

Learn to pull threads, basic hemstitching techniques, and sew a fine turned hem.   By the end of the class, you will have accomplished beautiful classic techniques in making a fine linen guest towel.

This is a perfect compliment to Beginner's Monogramming Class .   

​Excellent introduction for Beginners - Some sewing skills helpful.

French Grey Linen Hand Towels.jpg
Apr 23, 2022   
Hemstitched Guest Towels

Apr 25-28, 2022

Traditional Hand Monograms

French Monogramming

9 am - 3 pm

Tuition: $440

A four day course in mastering the art of the monogram.

Day I:  A primary sampler will be furnished with 3 styles of fancy initials found typically in French hand monograms.  You will be introduced to the primary stitch techniques used in accomplishing fancy initials and intertwined monograms.


Day II-!V:   A more extensive sampler is provided with an array of 19th - 20th century  traditional initials found in fancy hand monogramming.   These motifs are used typically  in creating beautiful linens and accessories.  

Basic/Whitework skills recommended

Edited Image 2018-01-01 23-58-28

Apr 25-28, 2022

Traditional French Monograms


You can register for classes online through Paypal or Call us directly to register over the phone.    757.259.9400.  We are available to assist you with both your registration and can help with your accommodation arrangements. 


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