April , 2017

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April 3-5 Basic Embroidery I & II    

3 Day Course - Beginner's Welcome

Tuition: $295

10:00 am - 4:00 pm daily


Day I An introduction class to the traditional techniques of hand embroidery. Basic embroidery stitches will be taught. A sampler of stitches will be provided which includes all materials necessary to accomplish the work. Stitches and techniques are presented during class time. You will be required to spend time practicing what you have learned in the session.


Day II-III This is a continuation from Basic I. In this class you will put into practice your foundational stitches with a beautiful sampler filled with motifs from the Arts & Crafts /Art Nouveau Period. During this session, you will learn how to use your basic embroidery stitches - you will be able to stitch beautifully motifs suitable for linens. All work is done in color.

Total Class Hours: 18 Hours with class materials provided.

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 Basic Embroidery I & II

Apr 3-5, 2017
Basic Embroidery

April 6-8  Whitework I & II

3 Day Course - Intermediate

Tuition: $330


.This course covers basic whitework stitches and techniques used in creating beautiful heirloom quality linens. The sessions will include preparation and layout of a design and using professional whitework embroidery techniques to obtain very fine results. A sampler of stitches will be taught and practiced during these sessions. The stitches must be practiced both in class and out of class to be effective. A beautiful sampler is provided that is filled with classical motifs that are most suitable for linens.

Total Class Hours: 18 Hours of Instruction with class materials provided. Prerequisite is basic embroidery skills.

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Whitework I & II
April 6-8, 2017
Whitework I-II

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