Old World Skills Requires Old World Time 



Located in Historic Williamsburg, Virginia,  the  Williamsburg School of Needlework offers fine hand embroidery training for those interested in obtaining Old World Skills in this time honored profession. 


We are a new concept in Needlework School that is based upon a European model of fine hand embroidery.  We are for the most part a Vocational Training School offering courses in hand embroidery for the textile marketplace.   Our company, Details In Design. has been manufacturing and creating fine hand embroidered linens for both Church and Home Decor for over 20 years.  


In the past, we have partnered with workrooms in Europe to create  heirloom quality fine linen.  We have employed highly skilled hand embroiderers for many years now.  However, with the recent downturn in the economy, the increase of unemployed people in America, and our growing client base, we have decided to create our own vocational training program for our company.  Our goal is to train and employ a new generation of hand embroiderers that are highly skilled and ready to meet the needs in the global high end linen industry.  


We  offer employment and continued training and education in how to create a professional home business.  Our goal is to launch a new workforce that is independent , highly trained, and sustainable in the 21st century marketplace. 


Currently, we are  not an accredited trades or arts college and do not claim to be a school of fine art or institute as those found in Europe.  We do however have the experience and background in working in the linen industry creating high end hand embroideries for the past 20 years.  If you are interested in working from home, learning basic techniques for the linen industry,  the Williamsburg School of Needlework, will provide mentoring and training in the European tradition.    


Certification or Diploma Programs


If you are seeking a diploma or certification in Needlework, we would highly recommend The Royal School of Needlework in London, Lesage School of Embroidery, Paris.  These schools have an extensive program in fine art needlework. Hand & Lock School of Embroidery, London is highly esteemed and regarded internationally for its fine hand embroidery in the fashion industry, costume design, and military regalia.